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Xavier Devos imagined and designed his first cooker, in Burkina Faso (West Africa) in 1993, as he was in Voluntary Service Overseas.

The Devos cooker is a solar cooker, with an open focus. It allows to cook all meals in Sahel:
It is possible to knead dough (to, sorghum…) while it is boiling fast, and also to fry potatoes, doughnuts, fritters…

The cooker is made of two main parts :

  • A concentrator, covered with mirrors, allows to focus solar rays under the pot.

  • A table made of wood or steel. In the middle, there is a hole, above which we put the pot.

The table protects the cook from burns and dazzles.

Other devices:

To track the variation of solar altitude, the concentrator turns round a spindle, thanks to a lever.

The heat in the focus point can be regulated thanks to a shutter, which we can slide more or less. (like a thermostat).

This cooker is made with materials available in all countries and in Africa, to reduce the cost and make it easier to produce.

Vue cuiseur Devos

Vue cuiseur Devos

Computational modelisation made with finite elements showing the strains and stress in the concentrator.



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