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Desertification is a process created by human and which leads to soil depletion. In Sahel, the main reasons are wood cutting and bush firing.

In Niger, the Environmental National Department explains that 250.000 ha are lost each year in Niger, due to desertification. This area equals to 2500 km², an area as big as Rhode Island (in USA) or Luxembourg (in Europe).

In Sahel, almost all the wood is used for cooking (90%). Due to its rarefaction, it’s necessary to cover a distance of more and more kilometers to find some. Each day these are fatigue for women.

Image du désertImage de femmes africaines portant le bois

In some countries, it’s even necessary to import cooking wood ! In Niger, according to the Environmental National Department, the wood used for cooking at Zinder is gathered 200 km away from the town.


The Sahel has a favourable insolation : 6 to 7 kWh/m²/year, compared to 3 kWh/m²/year in Northern Europe and 4kWh/m²/year in Northern America.

Our projects consist of producing Devos cookers, with materials available on site. At the end of the project, a local technical head is trained and is able to reproduce the cookers.

The Devos cooker allows to cook all sahelian meals, even the traditional meals that are stirred or kneaded during the cooking. Using it, a family can save 900 kg of wood each year.


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